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Why Sell to Tree Care Partners

You’ve worked hard to build a reputed brand and a loyal team. Finding the right buyer for your business to preserve and build on your legacy is one of the biggest decisions you will make.

We believe there is immense value in your brand, so unlike other national tree care businesses we plan to preserve it and build on it. We also know how important your team is to the success of your company, and how unique aspects of your culture and operation are what has kept your team engaged and loyal. That’s why we don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to how to set up a tree care business, and believe in providing the right degree of autonomy to its leader.

We believe in being fair buyers, offering an attractive price for your business upfront. We will communicate openly throughout the process, stay true to our word, and be faithful partners.

We promise to look after your business and your team.

Our Ideal Partners

Investment Criteria

The Tree Care Partners Difference

Our Approach

Tree Care Partners works with founding arborists in such a way that we are recognized as the buyer of choice in the industry for arborists looking to sell their companies. Here is what you can expect when working with our team:

1. Exit Flexibility

We can work with you to provide for an exit in as short as 6-12 months or partner with you for years, continuing in a leadership or consulting arborist capacity. We are flexible to work with you to develop and implement a plan that best suits your personal needs.

2. Efficient Transition & Integration Process
We are well-versed in the tree care industry and have acquired dozens of businesses. As such, our transaction process, from proposal to due diligence to a closed transaction, is quick and efficient.

3. A Culture of Safety and Empowerment for Your Team
Our goal is to provide the tools, training, and culture that ensures the safety and well-being of every team member while helping them to develop a fulfilling and dependable life-long career.

4. Preserving Your Brand and Reputation
You worked hard to build your regionally recognized and trusted brand. We aim to preserve the local brand equity of the companies we invest in. Our goal is to minimize the impact on customers and continue to provide them with the legacy of service they have come to expect.

5. Attractive Valuation
We provide comprehensive valuations and provide arborists with competitive offers and purchase options. We will pay a fair price for your business, primarily in cash upfront.

What to Expect

Investment Process

1. Introductory Call
We’ll get to know each other, understand your goals, and ensure we share the same vision for your tree care business’s succession plan.

2. Non-disclosure agreement
We will sign a mutual non-disclosure agreement, putting in writing our commitment to preserving the confidentiality of your business data and our discussions.

3. Preliminary Review
Our team will review your company’s financial results, understand the state of your fleet, discuss performance over the last few years, and meet in person if desired.

4. Letter of Intent (LOI)
Based on the preliminary review, we will present a detailed offer outlining the price, key terms, and proposed transition plan for both parties to sign before proceeding with due diligence.

5. Due Diligence
Post LOI signature, we will proceed to a 45-60 day confirmatory due diligence period. We will have our accountants review financial records, our equipment specialist review your fleet, and we’ll review various aspects of your operations in more detail. We’ll also plan the details for your transition. In the later part of the due diligence period, we’ll agree to the detailed Asset Purchase Agreement, the formal document for the purchase.

6. Closing of Funds
We will sign the Asset Purchase Agreement and wire transfer the closing funds to you, formally changing possession of the company.

7. Transition

Through a carefully crafted communication plan, the transaction will be announced to employees, and implementation of the transition plan will begin.

8. Growth
We will work with your leadership successor to invest in the team, equipment, marketing, and other areas of operation as needed to drive the growth of your business, reinforce your brand in your community, and provide career advancement opportunities for your team.

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